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Death of Lei-Wia. -- The native nurse, after long and faithful service to the family and much good influence among the women of Nguna, died in Dunedin in 1891.

-- Don, Alexander. Light in Dark Isles: A Jubilee Record and study of the New Hebrides Mission of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. Dunedin: Foreign Missions Committee, P.C.N.Z., 1918.

The Second Furlough. Death of Lei-Wia in Dunedin.
During the furlough in New Zealand the family suffered a great loss by the death of Lei-Wia, who had been nurse to the children for a number of years. In February, 1891, she caught a severe cold, and when that was cured had a severe attack of sciatica. She was ailing off and on, and was attended very kindly by Dr Coughtrey. Persistent diarrhoea set in and pernicious anaemia, from which she died on July 20. Eight days before she died the Rev. John McNeil came to see her before he left Dunedin. He sang "Jesus Loves Me" to her, and she joined in. She had risen from bed to wait for his coming; when he left, she went back to bed and did not leave it again. She was buried in the Northern Cemetery, where a tombstone and railing were afterwards erected at the grave, the cost of which (£13 13s) was given by the Young People's Christian Band of Kaikorai Presbyterian Church.

-- Don, Alexander. Peter Milne (1834-1924): Missionary to Nguna, New Hebrides. Dunedin: Foreign Missions Committee, PCNZ, 1927. (p 258)

-- See also the biography of Mary Jane MILNE.

Information courtesy of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand Archives.

Monumental Inscription

In memory of
Daughter of MATOKOALE
Head chief of
Nguna, New Hebrides
Died at Roslyn July 20th 1891
Aged 27 years
She came to New Zealand with
The Revd P. Milne & family
Erected by the young people of
Kaikorai Presbyterian Church.

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